WES is a humanistic congregation that affirms the worth of every person. Our Sunday Platform Service is the heart of our community life. This is where we gather to reflect, to share companionship, and to refresh and renew our commitment to creating a more ethical world. We warmly welcome visitors to join us, participate in our activities, and get to know our community. Here's what to expect on Sunday mornings...


Solidarity Action with Ferguson, Wednesday September 24, 5:30-6:30pm at WES

Our first solidarity action was covered in a photo gallery on the Washington Informer online

Proposed New Rules on Carbon Emission

The WES Earth Ethics Committee supports proposed EPA limits on carbon emission from existing coal-fired power plants. Learn how you can help the EPA make the right decision. Stop by the Earth Ethics table any Sunday or contact Rich Reis, Carol Rawie, or Linda Silversmith. Read the committee's full discussion of this issue here.

WES Member Julie Drizin Discusses the Role WES Plays in Her Family's Life on Salon.com
Julie Drizin discusses the role WES plays in her and her family's life. "Many people find God in these moments of mystery and clarity. I found my way to the Washington Ethical Society. What looks like a church, acts like a church but isn’t a church? A congregation of spiritual humanists," she writes. 
Read more here: I’m raising my kids atheist in a God-obsessed culture: How I learned to parent godless children

Two New Books by WES Authors
Trish Weil and Beth Baker, two long-time members, have recently published new books. A Circle of Earth (Outskirts Press),Trish's first novel, is set in her native Alabama beginning in the early 20th century. In With a Little Help from Our Friends--Creating Community As We Grow Older (Vanderbilt University Press)  Beth's explores grassroots alternatives to traditional retirement communities.  Both books are available in WES's book cabinet and through your favorite book seller.  Remember if you shop Amazon to click below left to enter the website, and a  portion of your purchase will go to WES. 

Trish says, "Fiction and non-fiction have more in common than people may realize, at first glance.  Books such as Beth's are obviously written toward the end of human betterment.  I feel that fiction worthy to be called Literature does the same.  The best literature opens and expands the heart, deepening compassion and understanding."

 Trish Weil       Beth Baker

WES Joins Faith Groups In Civil Disobedience over Deportations
WES senior leader Amanda Poppei and long-time member Ross Wells were among 130 people arrested at the White House on July 31, as part of a Day of Action to end deportations. Most of those arrested were leaders of faith-based groups, many of whom had traveled from great distances--including one minister who had come from Hawaii.

I do this work--demonstrate for and stand in solidarity with immigrants--because of my faith in the inherent worth of every person, and because I believe deeply that we are all connected in one human family. Everyone is welcome in that family, and so I ask Congress and the White House to ensure that we have laws that respond with compassion to new immigrants in our country, that respond with care and love to children, that respond with respect for families and the dignity of workers. ~ Amanda

WES Members Organize Immigration Film Fest 
Patti Absher and Judith Johnson are co-chairing a committee that is organizing an Immigration Film Fest on Oct. 24-26. Along with WES, the festival committee is made up of members of several local Unitarian churches.  The festival got a great plug in the July 20 Washington Post. "What they lacked in film-industry savvy, they more than made up for in passion and commitment," the article notes.

Patti Absher                                  Judith Johnson
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