WES is a humanistic congregation that affirms the worth of every person. Our Sunday Platform Service is the heart of our community life. This is where we gather to reflect, to share companionship, and to refresh and renew our commitment to creating a more ethical world. We warmly welcome visitors to join us, participate in our activities, and get to know our community. Here's what to expect on Sunday mornings...

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In Praise of Having No Choice from January 17.

April 19, 6:00 —WES Annual Humanist Seder

Through a Humanist perspective, this ceremonial dinner draws upon the ageless, powerful story of the Exodus, a story of our universal yearning for freedom that has been told for centuries by Jews throughout the world.  Through story, song, and ritual it is also a time to remember those who do not share our freedom and our bounty.   

We hope you can join us.  We are also looking for a small group of volunteers to help organize this year’s celebration.  Please email Amanda if you can help.

Eleanor Daken Meets President Obama

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     WES is a Welcoming Congregation
     WES endorses the Earth Charter

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